What’s the Best Way to Accessorize a Pinstripe Power Suit for an Empowered Woman?

In the wardrobe of the modern woman, power speaks louder than words. And nothing exemplifies power more than the iconic pinstripe suit. A smartly tailored power suit projects confidence, style, and sophistication. But, the process of accessorizing a suit is equally crucial. How can you make a statement that says, "I mean business" while staying true to your fashion sense? Herein lies the art of suit accessorizing.

Selecting the Perfect Power Suit

Before we dive into accessories, let’s explore the power suit itself. After all, the suit is the canvas on which you’ll be displaying your style. Pinstripe suits were once strictly in the realm of men’s fashion. Now, women have embraced this look, transforming it into a symbol of female empowerment.

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The real power of the pinstripe suit lies in its ability to combine professional and personal style. When choosing a suit, select a blazer and pants that are well-tailored to your body shape. The jacket should accentuate your waist, while the pants should elongate your legs. Consider the color as well – while black and navy are traditional choices, don’t shy away from more vibrant hues if they resonate with your personality.

The Art of Shirt Pairing

The shirt you choose to wear underneath your suit plays a pivotal role in your overall look. It can function as a subtle complement or a bold contrast, depending on what you’re aiming for. If you’re going for a traditional business look, opt for a crisp white or light blue shirt. This will give you a professional appearance while allowing your pinstripe power suit to be the focal point.

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For a more playful or assertive look, experiment with vibrant colors or patterns. Just remember to keep your shirt sophisticated and business-appropriate. A blouse with ruffles, for instance, can lend a feminine touch to your suit without compromising its power.

Accessorizing with Jewelry

The right jewelry can take your pinstripe power suit from corporate to chic. However, it’s crucial to strike a delicate balance between style and professionalism. Too much bling can distract from the power of your suit, while too little may cause your look to come off as bland.

When accessorizing your suit, less is often more. A simple necklace or pair of earrings can provide just enough shine without overpowering your suit. If you love statement pieces, consider wearing one at a time. For instance, you could wear a chunky necklace with a simple pair of studs, or large earrings with a delicate bracelet.

Power Dressing with Shoes and Bags

The shoes and bag you choose to pair with your suit will also contribute significantly to your overall look. For footwear, pumps or heeled boots are a classic choice that can add height and elegance. If you value comfort or want to exude a more relaxed vibe, stylish flats or loafers are a great alternative.

As for your bag, choose one that matches the formality of your suit. A structured handbag or tote is perfect for a professional setting, while a fashionable clutch can be perfect for after-work events.

The Final Touch: Makeup and Hair

While not strictly an accessory, your makeup and hairstyle complete your power suit look. For makeup, go for a minimal, clean look. A bold lipstick, however, can add a pop of color and make a statement.

As for hairstyles, it’s about striking a balance between professional and personal style. Sleek buns, straightened hair, or waves are all great options that can complement your suit. Remember, your hairstyle should not overshadow your suit but rather enhance your overall look.

In the realm of power dressing, a pinstripe suit signifies strength, confidence, and authority. By accessorizing it thoughtfully and in a way that resonates with your personal style, you can create a look that is both powerful and uniquely you.

Dressing for Your Body Type

One of the greatest advantages of a power suit is its ability to flatter various body shapes. Designers such as Giorgio Armani, Alexander McQueen, and Jil Sander have been instrumental in redefining power suits, offering a variety of designs to suit different body types. Whether you’re opting for the single-breasted or double-breasted style, the key is to select a suit tailored to your body shape for the perfect fit.

If your body shape is rectangular, power suits with strong shoulder lines and a cinched waist will create curves. Pair a well-tailored blazer with wide-legged trousers to achieve balance. If you have an hourglass body type, a power suit that highlights your waist will accentuate your balanced proportions. Opt for a fitted blazer and straight-leg pants for a polished look.

For pear-shaped bodies, which are narrower at the top and wider at the bottom, power suits with structured jackets can draw attention to your upper body. Pair this with a flare or straight leg pant to balance your silhouette. Women with inverted triangle bodies, which are broader at the top and narrower at the bottom, will benefit from power suits that add dimension to the lower part of their bodies. Wide-legged pants are the perfect complement for this body type.

Remember, the goal of power dressing is not only to look well-dressed but also to feel confident. When you’re comfortable in your suit, it shows in the way you carry yourself. And that’s a powerful statement in itself.

Making a Statement with Colors and Patterns

Apart from the classic black and navy, power suits come in a variety of colors and patterns. While the traditional pinstripe pattern has a timeless appeal, don’t be afraid to experiment with other styles. From bold plaids to subtle checks, there’s a patterned suit for every woman’s fashion sensibility.

If you’re comfortable in vibrant hues, a power suit in a bold color could be a game-changer. Red signifies power, blue communicates trust, and green symbolizes growth. These are just some of the ways colors can convey different messages.

When selecting a colored or patterned power suit, consider when and where you’ll be wearing it. For a business environment, a chic monochromatic suit could be the safest bet. For networking events or casual meetings, feel free to experiment with bolder choices. The key is to select a suit that reflects your personal style and makes you feel empowered.


Power dressing is an art that requires confidence, creativity, and a keen sense of style. Whether you’re dressing for a board meeting, a networking event, or a casual day at the office, your power suit is an extension of your personality. It’s a symbol of your ambition, your competence, and your unwavering confidence.

From selecting the perfect power suit for your body type to pairing it with the right shirt, jewelry, shoes, and bag, every detail matters. Your makeup and hairstyle also contribute to your overall look. But more importantly, how you feel in your suit is what truly defines power dressing.

Remember, a well-dressed woman in a power suit commands respect and attention. With the right accessories and a bold attitude, you can turn your pinstripe power suit into a statement of authority, individuality, and sophistication. Now, go out there and conquer the world in your power suit!

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